X marks the spot.

In this season I am learning to trust myself. If it sounds good- I'll write it. If it feels good- I'll sing it. I am an artist, always have been and always will be. Everything I will ever create is all ready woven into me, now I just have to find the courage to release it. That is the journey we all must take. 

"Find your sound!" "Perfect your signature!!"  "Make your mark!!!" 

Too often do I find myself searching for these things in everything around me. Metaphorically turning over stones as I'm turning over records. Magnifying the greats beyond their all ready lofty pedestals, certain that they hid secrets in between their melodies. Wasting my creative energy tirelessly drawing up a treasure map that will inevitably lead back to ME. 

X marks the spot. 

The journey isn't about searching the world, it's about searching yourself. Pushing past obstacles of insecurities and comparison, standing firm on a foundation of vulnerability, and letting yourself be exactly who you are. 

You are enough. I am enough. 

No pretenses. Accept your flaws, celebrate your strengths, choose to see beauty in it all.  

Then- the art will come.  

Let it come,  


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