Ok folks, let's talk about DREAMS...





Dreaming is human nature. Our ability to create and achieve and grow is an integral part of our genetic makeup. It is what sets us apart from the rest of creation. Ambition is ingrained into us. No matter the deck of cards this life has dealt us we can not help but hope that our present reality is not all that there is for us in this life.

We just KNOW deep down that there is something better, bigger, and exciting in this world.
We feel that WE can be extraordinary, that we can do something astonishing.
We hope to live our destiny. We hope to find our purpose. We hope that we have one.

We are all capable of incredible things. 
We all have dreams.
And we all deserve the chance to pursue them.

But who among us actually deserves to achieve them? 

Is it the person who works the hardest or the one who is the most talented? 
Is it the person who gets there first or the one who is the best? 
Is it the person with the most experience or the one with the most potential? 

I'm not sure it has to be one or the other.
There is something to be said for being prepared, practiced, and experienced. However that will only take you so far.
Doesn't there have to be some element of natural talent and inclination? 

In a perfect world would we live according to our inborn proclivities
would we be allowed to choose that which we would like to excel at by hard work and determination?

I have so many questions, and not nearly enough answers. I have learned a lot since making my dreams my career, but the more I learn the more I see and realize everything that I don't yet know or comprehend. However, I do know this- no one achieves anything alone. 

I need my community.
So, my fellow creatives, I would love to hear from you in particular!

What does it mean to pursue a dream?
Why have you stuck with it?
What has been your most shocking success AND failure? 
What comes easily to you? 
What have you had to strive for? 
Have you ever felt that you "arrived"? 
How long did that feeling last? 

Let's share our insights, thoughts, frustrations, victories, failures, disappointments, anything, and everything. 
There is room for everyone's dream to come true. 

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